Kx365 Challenge – the last 10 days!

Yes, yes …. I’ve not been good at posting, however, I have continued to stick with keeping active as my little gallery below shows:

The weekend was a bit tricky as I had a stinking cold and we were in London to see a show, so my ‘activity’ is centred on the fact we did a lot of walking throughout the day, rather than one specific workout.

January has been an interesting project of a month, for which I’m planning to post separately … watch this space!

So, for Kx365 Challenge – one month down, 11 months to go!!!



Kx365 Day 19/20

img_3995It’s just occurred to me, I think I’ve miscalculated the number of days I’ve been doing this challenge!! I should be on Day 20 (given that it’s the 20th Jan …. why am I saying Day 19??)

Anyways, I know I’ve done something every day – this must just be me having a ‘senile moment’!

Good walk today – 6k! Again, it was a crisp, cold afternoon, so a fast walk with some good arm swinging!


Kx365 Days 16-18

My view on a crisp, cold Thursday morning.
My view on a crisp, cold Thursday morning.

It’s been a cold, cold week! And I’ve not really felt much like running!!! But, sticking to my plan, and adding a little self-motivation, I have managed to get out and complete my daily activity each day:

Kx365 Day 10 – 15

It certainly looks like I haven’t been keeping up with the Kx365 Challenge, doesn’t it?! No posts on progress for the last few days … mmmmm.

Not true though! Even on days when I didn’t fancy it much, I stuck with keeping active everyday. Whilst I can’t report on specifics of each day, the progress is evident from the stats below:

It’s not been a bad few days really. Couple of the runs I completed, were in the pouring rain! And it’s been quite mild.

So tomorrow – it’s off to Weight Watchers. Part of my ‘self-improvement’ and ‘happiness’ drives! Not expecting miracles, but the aim is to feel good on the beach in the summer!

Kx365 – mixing it up a little

Right, so the nosebleed thing on Day 8 was a bit of a pain. I did feel disappointed that I couldn’t meet the challenge I’d set myself. However, it did get me thinking.

Whilst doing 5K every day is a pretty admirable achievement, it can also get a bit boring. Not to mention, it hurts! For someone who is not at the peak of their fitness levels, knees start hurting, shin splints occur and sometimes it can all feel a bit too much.

So, having the nosebleed did me a bit of a favour. The aim of the Kx365 is to be active everyday of a whole year. You are allowed to change the focus of your activity throughout, as long as you remain – active! I’m going to stop beating myself up for not achieving a 5k on that particular day and instead, refocus the activity and hopefully keep myself motivated.

This week I will be completing 3Ks everyday, with a session of the ‘7 minute work out‘ – a HIIT app which claims to speed up weight loss 1.5x faster than standard exercising. I figure if this is done post 3k walk or run, then it should have a positive effect on my figure!

The plus side of changing the focus is that I reduce the strain on my body, I remain a little more motivated and I introduce new exercises to help tone the whole body. And I stick to the Kx365 Challenge!

So, Day 9 looks like this:




Kx365 Days 7 & 8

Day 7

Just catching up on my posting due to problems with getting onto my blog. Technology isn’t my thing really so it’s been a frustrating couple of days! Anyway, one week down – 51 to go!


  • Activity: Run
  • Distance: 5.31k
  • Time: 39:58
  • Weather: 8 degrees and raining
  • Shoes: trainers
  • Music listened to: None





Day 8


  • Activity: Walk
  • Distance: 3.16K
  • Time: 28:11
  • Weather: 8 degrees and sunshine
  • Shoes: trainers
  • Music listened to: Duran Duran

This was a disaster!! I’d started off by running, with the aim of getting the 5K completed. Headed off to our local ParkRun to complete the circuit when part way round, I got the worst nosebleed. Had to stop a dog walker to ask if she had a tissue! Anyways, had to end the run and walk back home to get myself cleaned up! Nightmare!

Kx365 Day 6



  • Activity: Walk
  • Distance: 5.31k
  • Time: 1:00:12
  • Weather: 6 degrees and raining
  • Shoes: trainers
  • Music listened to: My own ‘walking music’ mix (a bit rubbish if I’m honest!)

I know the time looks quite slow, but I also stopped to talk to our resident homeless person, who I (along with a couple of others) have been helping out every now and then. His name is Tim and I will be explaining a bit more about him in a separate post.


Kx365 Day 5

What was I thinking???!!!! -2 degrees!!!! Obviously I knew it was cold, but did not realise that cold! No wonder everything hurt! Anyways, once more, motivation was a little low, but I combined the run with walking J to school. And I was home, showered and dressed by 10am – at least I don’t have it hanging over me now! Day 5 – TICK!!!

Kx365 Days 3 & 4

Day 3


  • Activity: Run
  • Distance: 5.04k
  • Time: 38:22
  • Weather: 4 degrees, icy on ground and cold air
  • Shoes: trainers
  • Music listened to: Now 88

Felt good and better time than the day before too!




Day 4


  • Activity: Walk
  • Distance: 5.43k
  • Time: 1:02:04
  • Weather: 6 degrees, very mild
  • Shoes: Boots (normal clothes)
  • Music listened to: My own eclectic 80’s mix!

Decided to combine my coffee morning with a walk. Bit of a pause in the walk to meet a friend and then a quick ‘comfort’ stop on the way back! Didn’t really feel motivated to do this today, but feel glad that I did.