How to ‘demonstrate’ effectively …

I understand there is to be a “Day of Rage” on Wednesday – a demonstration against austerity; Government wrong-doings leading to the tragedy of Grenfell Tower; terrorism on our streets and I guess any other issues people are generally unhappy about.

Forgive me for thinking this, but … is ‘rage’ really the answer? Is this really how we want to demonstrate?

I get this is our right – we’re allowed to peacefully show our feelings in a mass congregation. But, didn’t the communities in all these tragedies exercise this with their love, compassion and understanding for their fellow humans? Grenfell Tower: bags and bags of clothes, food, bedding and fundraising, within hours, given – wasn’t this ‘demonstration’ of kindness more profound and carry more impact and significance than a mass congregation of protest?

Terrorism on our streets: off-duty police, doctors, nurses – anyone who had a heart – they didn’t run – they helped. They put aside personal risk and ‘demonstrated’ compassion for their fellow men and women.

I know our politicians don’t always get things right – whatever your political viewpoint, none of them are perfect. As a nation, we are in a pretty crabby state of flux. And no, we might not be happy about it.

But my point is – irrespective of the politics … “rage” is not the answer.

People. Use your voices for something more positive and constructive and let’s see if that can make the difference this country needs. Demonstrate with love, peace and compassion and make that our new way of living.


January 10/11th: Brrrrr! Cold and chilly!

IMG_2951At first glance, these could be the feet and legs of an old, retired army serviceman, perhaps taken some time ago … that’s what I thought when I looked back on the photo.

However, they are not. They are mine, today, wrapped up in a picnic rug whilst watching my daughter in a tennis tournament. Boy, it was bloody freezing! I honestly don’t know how she managed to keep playing, her poor little fingers were blue. And there was me, sat with my big, down-filled coat on, hat and hood both on, feet in fur-lined boots and legs topped with the picnic rug – and my lips were still chattering!

But, this I guess, is part of parenting. A weekend spent consoling, motivating and cheering your offspring – to make them feel like a winner, even when they haven’t. Whether the weather is warm and sunny or wet, windy and freezing – you are there with either an encouraging word or to just sit and listen. Whatever seems right at the time.

And as well as keeping us warm, that blanket served another purpose today. I could also offer a sneaky cuddle to my lovely girl, without any fear of embarrassment in front of the competition, just when it was needed. A warmth of a different kind.